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G. B. Marzuttini

Giovanni Battista (Tita) Marzuttini (1863-1943) was a many-sided artist who lived deeply and was able to express all the innovations of his epoch.
Painter and musicitian, he devoted himself also to several technical activities (mechanics and photography) which granted him several awards.
He founded and directed a plectrum orchestra still operating in Udine (Italy) and named after him. Still active is also a vocal chorum founded by Marzuttini and named Tite Grison. Under the pseudonymous "Tite Grison contadin de basse" (meaning Tita the beetle farmer in the lowlands) Tita loved to sign his dialectical and ironic poetic production.
Marzuttini spent his life mainly in Friuli (North-East of Italy), but he was for some periods in Florence, Milan and Neaples where he also expressed his artistical and technical capabilities.

This website aims to give and collect useful informations on the life and artistic production of Tita Marzuttini. You can get here online information concerning biography, articles and news. Feel free to send informations and documentations if you have any. Also suggentions, comments and criticism are welcome as this site is under construction.
We wish to promote interest on the life and activities of this artist especially concerning his musical and pictorial productions: a lot of work has to be done in these two specific sectors. is at an early stage of construction: if you have any contributions please contact the webmaster of this site:

... photos taken from the archive
Tita Marzuttini took severals photographic plates, most of which show unkown people. An example is the plate below (13x18 cm) that was presumably taken in 1893.
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In the first two images of the sequence the only identified person is Maria Troiano taking in arm her little daughter Elda Marzuttini.

Informations on Tita

We know that several paintings, documents, letters and objects related to G.B. Marzuttini are spread around the world.
If you wish to inform us about something you own, please send us an e-mail. This information will be helpful to improve the knowledge of Marzuttini's life and art.
Your informations will be considered confidential and used only for the above declared aim. They will not be shown on the net, unless you make an explicit request for it.

                     received news:

• May, 2019

Mr. Marco (from Friuli region in Italy) holds a 95x63 cm oil by G.B. Marzuttini, which was probably painted after 1920.
The painting was bought in Udine about 20 years ago and is currently kept in Martignacco.

• September, 2018

A signed crayon (about 33x48 cm) was bought at an antique dealer in the province of Mantua (the painting came from a private in the Ferrara area).
The owner of the artwork tells us: "In my opinion it's a pastel. In the lower part, worse preserved, had made me think of a watercolor. Probably it was glued on cardboard towards the years 60/70, given the fragility of the paper to better preserve it, and then framed."

• November, 2017

We got to know that an old (1906) print of 24 Duettini Progressivi - for two mandolins by G.B. Marzuttini is in Sofia (Bulgaria) and belonged to Sahsa Popov (1899-1975), a famous violin player and conductor.
The print is from Ricordi Editor and Sahsa gave it to a player in his orchestra.
This one happened to be the grandfather of Mr. Peter who kindly sent these pictures to us.
friedensturm fronte

• January, 2017

The novel "Friedensturm - Storia di Guido Marzuttini caduto nella Grande Guerra" by Alessandra Rossetti has been recently published.
The title Friedensturm which literal translation is "peace storm", refers to the name given by the German army to the fight with which they intended to give the final stop to the War.   Friedensturm is also known as second battle of the Marne as it took place in the Marne valley, close to Reims (France).
The fight started on July 15th, 1918 and in the same day Guido Marzuttini died.

The novel is based on a careful and detailed research but it is not at all an historical essay. Reality and immagination are softly blended to give rise to a suggestive narration.

Among the several real characters is obviously Tita who is depicted in an uncommon light of family life.
At the end of the novel, which is written in italian, a detailed Guido biography is available.

• November, 2014

We have been informed that an old album (about 30 pages, dated from 1886) of drawings has been found in Slovakia. The album owner was the painter Jozef Kollar.
Only two drawings are signed by Tita and are likely to be early works he made during his staying in Florence.
The picture on the left shows one of these two.
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