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G.B. Marzuttini brief life resume

1863 Born in Udine, February 9th
1876 Attends the Military College in Milano headed by Col. Bava Beccaris
1878 Leaves the Military College and goes back to Udine
1882 Together with the painter and friend Cesare Simonetti enters the "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Florence.
1883 Begins musical studies. He studies harmony and counterpoint under the supervision of M° Luigi Cuoghi and composition and instrumentation supervised by M° Edoardo Arnhold.
1885 Becomes director of the Tarcento (Udine) Musical Band.
1886 Together with Nicoḷ Serafini, he founds the "Club Mandolinisti e Chitarristi Udinesi".
1889 Gets married with Maria Troiano.
1890 Moves to Trieste where he founds the local "Circolo Mandolinistico" of which he will be director for seven years.
1894 His son Guido is born.
1897 Goes back to Udine. To substain his family he devotes himself to mechanical work.
1901 His son Arnaldo is born.
1910 Builds an airplane with which he tries to fly.
1914 Founds a mechanical toys factory.
1916 His artistical and mechanical toys make him to be awarded a gold medal by the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III°.
1917 Because of Italian army war defeated in Caporetto he leaves Friuli and moves to Milan.
1918 Moves to Napoli where he founds and directs the mechanical factory "Ingano & Di Lauro".
Because of his leading activity and capabilities he gets from the King the nomination of "Cavaliere".
His son Guido dies as a soldier on French war front.
1919 Goes back to Friuli.
Finds his house, in Udine, destroyed and sacked: he retires into his country house in Fauglis.
For two years he is designated "Commissario Prefettizio" (prefecture officer) of Gonars town council.
1924 Is designated Sindaco (mayor) of Gonars town council until 1930.
1925 Winner of a musical contest with his composition “Paveute ”.
1926 The "Circolo Mandolinistico Udinese" is named after him.
1927 Composes the music of two Masses: “Rosa Mystica” and “Mater Salvatoris”.
On september 11th the Fauglis Church organ is unveiled and the M° Mario Mascagni directs the Mass “Rosa Mystica” .
1932 Composes the Mass music “In Domino Sperans”.
1934 Composes the Mass music “Tu solus Altissimus”.
1943 On december 1st he dies in his Fauglis country house.

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